Saturday, October 15, 2005

ah, cigarette, cup of tea, a bun..

i shouldn't do it, i shouldn't start a blog. One of two things will happen, either i'll do it for a week and get bored of it, or i'll get really into it and waste loads of time on it.

I was actually have troubling subscribing to Simon Reynolds blog on here today, using NetNewsWire, and i thought i was just using the wrong url, yet couldn't find any other links. Somewhat of a long winded way to go about it, i thought if i create an account, i can find the proper way to subscribe. So yeah, anyhoo, turns out NetNewsWire thinks his blog isn't valid XML or something, and now i have a blog.

And here i am within about five hours of opening my account, i somehow find time to write an entry. I should have went out to the Silver Rocket show at the Buffalo Bar, but i don't feel too good. No, really. i don't. I usually don't get ill often, but i even woke up this morning with a headache. I've been lounging about all day working on a flyer (image pictured here), had a bath (never done it for years yet managed two this week (I do shower tho)), theres nothing on the telly, i have no new emails, no new rss news; da-da.. my first post.

current listening:
Modeselektor - Hello Mom!
American Analog Set - Set Free


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