Tuesday, October 18, 2005

the allure of mystery

I'm quite excited for this Jandek show tonite.
I havent ever heard the music, and have to admit, i was sold just on the mystery of the guy alone! Heres the story:

"The longest-running, weirdest, loneliest enigma in popular music is a guy from Houston, Texas who calls himself JANDEK. Since 1978, JANDEK has made some 42 albums of dissolute, atonal folk and blues for the mysterious CORWOOD INDUSTRIES label, which has put out nothing else but JANDEK! For such a prolific, legendary musician, little is really known about the man - the first 26 years of his career passed without a live performance or an official interview. In 2004, however, that partially changed with the release of the "JANDEK ON CORWOOD" documentary film and his first ever performance at the INSTAL 04 festival in Glasgow. Since then, JANDEK has made a handful of skirmishes into the live arena in Scotland and the US and is returning to the UK again in October for INSTAL 05 and this, his London debut and 8th ever live performance!".

Its being put on by the fine people at Upset The Rhythm (www.upsettherhythm.co.uk) who seriously put on the best shows in London. They always have the most interesting and experimental bands, but their main thing is that they always manage to get the artists/performers before anyone else, they just really have their ear to the ground and know whats going on.

Its going to be a long, but good week! Tomorrow is Comanenchi and Charlottefield at the Spitz, and then thursday is the next Adaadat monthly night, 'Trash Trash Noise Next Door', and i just know there is more at the weekend. Ouch, i'm so old and tired and can't keep up!

Now Listening to:

The Pooh Sticks - Million Seller
Disco Inferno - D.I. Go Pop


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